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Logo ACARE Italia

ACARE Italia identified the three following main objectives:


  • promote the discussion and comparison of the strategic addresses of all Italian Aeronautic system's stakeholders - from the civil users to the services suppliers, to the industry, to the research centers and to Universities and government bodies - in order to develop a coordinated sector strategy;


  • contribute to the definition of the National Research Plan (PNR), and of similar regional and local Plans, in relation with the aeronautic activities in line with the Italian Vision and the research priorities identified in SRA-Italia, along with the identification of  the budget requirements;


  • draw greater attention to the aeronautic sector both from the institutional side and from the public opinion, doing whatever necessary to achieve an awareness campaign, required to recall the resources, the competencies and the finical tools essential for the technological development and innovation.


ACARE Italia intends to operate according with the following lines:


  • Formulate and update the National Vision document giving particular attention to the peculiarities and the specific needs of the aeronautic sector in Italy and in accordance with the European orientations.


  •  Elaborate and update the national SRA (SRA-Italia) defining for each sector the specific objectives shared by different actors in accordance with the national Vision.


  • Analyze , in accordance with the Italian Aeronautic strategists, the coherence and adequacy of the institutions, industries and research centers.


  • Monitor the SRA-Italia’s development, evaluating the results in terms of technological development compared to the objectives.


  • Advise on the resources at a national and European level, supporting the sector’s strategies.


  • Give visibility to ACARE-Italia’s activities also through the organization of specific events.


  • Ensure the coordination among the Italian Aeronautic system’s stakeholders at a national level, in order to facilitate the organic development in this sector, avoiding fractures, duplications and dispersions of resources and evaluating the synergy among the actors instead.


  • Promote the coordination among the different national actors for the participation to the different European initiatives in the aeronautic research field (Clean Sky JTI, Collaborative Research, Ideas, Capacities, People, TENs, SESAR, ) in support to the national development objective, also elaborating guidelines and promoting strategies aiming to increase the chances of success, even to act as a hub between the national and European politics.


  • Promote actions designated to improve the national formative system in agreement with the aeronautic sector’s needs. To enforce the sector’s capacity to attract and motivate young people it is necessary to facilitate both the development of  scientific and technologic projects on a national and European level and the internationalization of the formative activities.


  • Provide a contribution of competencies for the realization of studies relevant with the status and prospective of the national and international aeronautic sector in order to better improve the national strategies and to define and address the activities outlined  by SRA-Italia.