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Logo ACARE Italia

ACARE  Italia is composed by:

    a Council

    In ACARE Italia the Council is the decisional body and it has the following responsibilities:


    • Define the general guidelines to address the strategies.

    • Define and modify the ToR.

    • Create/activate specific working groups related to specific contingent issues.

    • Approve the proposals and documents developed by the working groups.

    • Approve the access of new members to ACARE Italia and to the Council.



    The Council had the following roles:

    1. President

    2. Two Vice Presidents

    3. Member

    4. Observer


    The president and the vice-presidents are elected by the Council, among its own members, and are in charge for 24 months, eventually renewable. AIAD ensures the Secretariat role.


    The members are suggested by the Companies/Bodies that belong to ACARE Italia.


    The observers attend the Council meetings on invitation for or through the Companies/Bodies request, on an occasional basis and to support specific actions.


    The Council meets periodically each semester when called by the Chairman.


    Within the Council the leaders of the technological dominions, reference points for the R&St national systems, for the Aeronautic and the air transportation, can be identified, and their responsibility is  to coordinate, wherever requested, the specific activities promotes and approved at a Council level. 


    The domains are:

    • Fixed-wing systems

    • Rotary-wing systems

    • Motoring

    • On-board Systems

    • Communication systems

    • Management and Control of the Air traffic and airports

    • Unmanned systems and Dual systems


    six working groups

    The working groups constitute the operational structure in ACARE Italia, and are compose in such a way that they can promote and support the participation of the national R&ST system to the ACARE activities.

    The working groups have at least four components, one of which, the Leader, is a member of the Council.

    WG National Institutions

    • Promote and support ACARE Italia's coordination and interaction processes with the national institutions

    • Present ACARE Italia's proposals to the interested Departments

    • Ensure a strong interaction with the Institutions' needs/requests in order to make ACARE Italia's proposal more efficient

    • Promote and coordinate with the participation of ACARE Italia's members to the National tenders.

    WG European Institutions

    • Support the national oactors for the coordination of the participation to the European Programs by promoting the diffusion of the most important information

    • Provide information regarding Calls and results

    • Provide advise and support to the national actor for the definition of national proposals

    • Expose and promote the Italian positions/objectives within the European sphere

    • Interact within the European Tables/Committees (i.e. ACARE) and national institutions/Actors

    WG for Defence

    • Guarantee the correct diffusion of that part of "public" information regarding the main aeronautic project initiatives which have evident interests within the dual field

    • Facilitate the diffusion of information regarding initiatives generated within PNRM and EDA

    • Promote the initiatives joined and coordinated among ACARE Italia and RITEC

    • Guarantee transversal synergies on similar and/or complementary initiatives managed by ACARE Italia and RITEC

    WG Technologic Districts

    • Implement advisory and coordinating task with national strategies, towards Districts for the aeronautic research themes

    • Constitute a permanent table to connect, compare and elaborated ideas and proposals between ACARE Italia, all the Districts and the interested parts

    • Create a Network between the Italian Aeronautic realities in order to introduce within the network, all the essential references of the existing infrastructures, the competences and the available technologies and the excellence areas

    • Ensure a strong interaction with the needs/requirements of the Districts with the ACARE Italia members

    WG SRA update

    • Promote and define research addresses shared at a national level based on ACARE Italia strategic lines by elaborating and updating the Italian SRA

    • Identify the new European and National scenario:

                    - ACARE: SRA-3 in 2012

                    - PNR

    • support and promote initiatives for the implementation of the Italian SRA by all the national actors and monitoring all the results achieved;

    WG Training

    • Support and promote actions aiming to improve the training system capacities towards the aeronautic sector

    • Identify types of University degrees, PhDs and existing mobility mechanisms

    • Identify the need in order to improve the training level and the synergy with industries and research centre along with proposing improving actions

    • Organize informative Workshop on:

                    - European opportunities for training and mobility

                    - national training and mobility with exchange between industries, research centres and universities.