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MoU agreements

Since 1997, AIAD undersigned more than 20 cooperation agreements with different Countries and Organizations, both European and extra-European, which foresee the reciprocal effort willing to support any initiative aiming to improve the cooperation and enhance the respective industrial and technological capacities.

In detail, the documents signed by the Federation’s President or Secretary General have in common the information and/or experience with reciprocal attention exchange, the combined position acceptance for high level European or International assemblies, or eventual third parties in the agreement subject, the procurement’s expansion and the stipulation of trade agreements which can be interesting for the respective members.


The full text is here available only for member companies' users logged in.


The undersigned agreements, in chronological order, are listed below. For further informations please contact our offices.  

Typology Country Counter-part Application date Detail
Protocol of Agreement

Korea Defence Industry Association – KDIA

April 1997  
Memorandum of Understanding Australian Industry Defence Network - AIDN April 1997



Memorandum of Understanding

Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Germany

1998 Reorganization of the European Defence System

Secretary of State for Defence of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Ministry of Defence of the French Republic
Protocol of Agreement  

Arab Republic of Egypt –ARE

March 1998



National Organization for Military Production - NOMP

Arab Organization for Industrialization - AOI

Memorandum of Undestanding  

Aerospace Industries Association of Canada - AIAC

May 1998

Aerospace Research and Development Projects


Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia – AMIM

November 2001  

Malaysian Aerospace Industries Association - MAIA

Memorandum of Understanding  

Government of the Russian Federation

July 2002  
Protocol of Agreement  

Arab Republic of Egypt – ARE

September 2002 Research and Development

National Organization for Military Production - NOMP

Arab Organization for Industrialization - AOI

Memorandum of Understanding  

Russian Agency for Aviation and Space - ROSAVIAKOSMOS

March 2003 Aeronautics and Space
Joint Working Group  

Malaysian Defence Industry Division

September 2000
March 2004
Terms of Reference  

National Defence Industrial Association - NDIA

March 2004  
Letter of Intent  

Industrial Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemyslu SA) – IDA

September 2005 Research, Design, Development and Production
Memorandum of Understanding  

Confederation of Indian Industry – CII

February 2006  
Protocol of Agreement  

Associacao das empresas de Defesa Armamento e Novas Tecnologias de Portugal – DANOTEC

April 2006 Research, Design, development, Production and Logistic Support
Protocol of Agreement  

Bulgarian Defence Industry Association - BDIA

July 2007  
Memorandum of Understanding  

Defence Manufacturers Association – DMA

July 2008  
Memorandum of Understanding   ACCREDIA – National Accreditation System (formerly SINCERT) October 2009

AIAD and ACCREDIA form a management committee: CBMC – Certification Bodies Management Committee. This Committee elaborates and updates specific for evaluators and for Certification Bodies for the Aerospace Industries with reference to the legislations UNI EN9104, EN9104-002, EN 9104-003

Memorandum of Understanding   Union of Aviation Industry – UAI December 2009



Memorandum of Understanding ADS Group Ltd. July 2010  
Memorandum of Understanding Federation of German Security and Defence Industries Association - BDSV December 2011 Developing programs of the following sectors: missile systems, UAS, UGV, battlefield EW systems, guided ammunition, satellite systems
Letter of Intent Defense Industry Manufacturers Association - SaSaD January 2012

Possible cooperation in the following areas: JSF, ATAK helicopter joint marketing, UAVs, torpedoes, air defense, avionics, armoured vehicles, future soldier and land digitalization programs.  

Memorandum of Understanding Malaysian Defence and Security Technology Park April 2012  
Memorandum of Understanding ACCREDIA – National Accreditation System May 2012  
Memorandum of Understanding Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS) September 2012  
Agreement OSDIFE - Osservatorio Sicurezza e Difesa CBRNe November 2012 Collaboration and implementation of programs, projects and activities of training, study and research through the achievements of courses, workshops, conferences, meetings and seminars in the field of security, defense, intelligence and CBRNe risk. 
Memorandum of Understanding   ABIMDE (Associaçao Brasileira das Indùstrias de Materias de Defesa e Segurança) April 2013  
Memorandum of Understanding AERO MONTREAL - Québec Aerospace Cluster July 2014  
Memorandum of Understanding   AFDA - Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries September 2015  
Memorandum of Understanding AIG -Australian Industry Group February 2017  
Memorandum of Understanding AIDN - Australian Industry Defence Network February 2017