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Comitato Strategico



The Permanent Specialized Groups are:

POLES Export Politics

  • examines and elaborates proposals on those themes related to the law applications that rule the armament material exportation, to the Wassenaar agreements and to the legislations applicable to the UE studies;
  • it covers the definition and support of the specific definitions of export promotions;
  • it deals with the analysis, definition and support of the development of the tools needed for the exportation’s promotion.

RITEC Research and Technology

  • studies and develops the industrial initiatives for research and development of advances technologies (Sectors’ plan);
  • provides the government bodies with a qualified advise, in particular for what concerns the analysis of the national technological basis and the relevant documentation;
  • supervises the initiatives that deal with R&T in the national sector (military research national plan), the European sector (EDA: Captech, European Commission: Frame programs; ASD: Defence and R&T Committees); NATO in the RTO sector;
  • provides experts in the R&T themes within the LoI  and DoP Italy-USA area of interest,  expressing the delegates among the specific working groups and study groups, activated within the European Association ASD and within NATO/RTO.

ACARE Italia (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe)

The Committee is defined as “Italian Technology platform for Aeronautics” and has been active since 2003. Together with the experts appointed by the companies in this sector, also the universities, agencies, bodies and authorities such as APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research, with operational support), ASI, CNR, ENAC and ENAV and the Transportation, Economic Development, University and Scientific Research and Technology Ministries, belong to the committee.


ACARE Italia is willing to contribute to the definition of a proposal shared with regards to the national strategy and to the R&TD technology themes in the aeronautics sector.


The duties are:

  • to organize and stimulate the discussion and the comparison between the Italian aeronautics system’s actors – from the end users to the services providers, to the industry, to the SME, to the Research Centers and the Universities and Institutional Bodies – to identify and develop a coordinated and shared sector strategy;
  • to promote and implement medium-long period road map for the R&ST activities having the national SRA as reference defined by the sector’s stakeholders and adequately supported by the institutions;
  • to offer an advisory contribution to the Institutions, on a national and local level, in order to operate with the correct information regarding the capacities, infrastructures and national aspirations;
  • to support a national unit position towards the European Commission in order to enforce the Italian role both in the communitarian strategies and in the participation to the PQ.


Six Groups depend on ACARE Council:

  • National Institutions

  • European Institutions

  • Research for Defence

  • Technology Districts

  • SRA Update

  • Training


The Concentration Table – Industrial District – of ACARE Italia is still in a defining phase.



ECOLEG Economic and Legal Affairs

It collects the activities of the previous AFFINEC and AGILE Groups. It is composed by contractual and/or juridical and legal experts, provided by the associated, who are able to offer basic evaluations.


Its duties are: 


  • to lead an analysis and proposals for legislative measures, of particular interest for the industry, including those relevant with the issues in development in the UE area (intellectual property and the use of technological information);
  • to cooperate with the POLES group in order to draw the relevant legislative proposals or the modifications of great interest;
  • to test and propose the modification of the acquisition procedures (defense and not defense material) both in national and European area (EDA, OCCAR, LoI), NATO (AC/327), DoP Italy-USA;
  • to draw proposals in industrial compensation for the defense program and coordinate, wherever needed those relevant to particular programs;
  • to draw proposals in procedures for contracts, cost revisions, hourly rates, acceptances, royalties, etc.;
  • to draw proposals in terms of subsidized credit to the enterprises.



Attributions and duties to be defined together with the articulation of the activities map of regulations and standardizations  to be supervised in the ASD/EDA NATO area.




The Quality Committee is AIAD’s addressing tool in terms of Quality Warrantee.  It has the responsibility to develop initiatives needed to achieve the “best practices” fixing and keeping a dynamic cooperation, based on trust, between the aerospace industries. The committee acts in agreement with the initiatives developed within the international and European areas, in order to obtain benefit for each company and for the National Systems in terms of efficiency of the enterprises processes, more efficiency with the surveillance of the Supply Chains and attention to the client thus to improve the competitiveness of the associated enterprises.



The Committee is in charge of:


  • coordinating, at a national level, all the activities and proposals relevant to the Quality Management System  needed to obtain the assigned goals.
  • interfacing with the Institutions and the Civil and Military Authorities and coordinating initiatives and activities with the same or other stakeholders in terms of Certification and SGQ;
  • promoting the participation in IAQG/EAQG and guarantying the resources needed by the different activities;
  • disclosing information on the IAQG/EAQG activities;
  • sustaining the Regulation and Training activities done by UNAVIA providing at the same time the relevant strategic addresses;
  • being promoters of the enhancement activities towards all the Supply Chain;
  • organizing periodical meetings with Associated and Suppliers in order to facilitate the exchange of specific themes and update them on the activities.

CBMC (Certification Body Management Committee)

This Committee supervises and controls the activities of certification of the Aerospace companies Quality Systems in accordance with the AS/EN 9100 scheme ruled by IAQG and EAQG.


ACCREDIA, previously SINCERT (the national authority for the accreditation of the Certification Bodies), the Civil Authorities (ENAC) ad military Authorities (Armaereo) and all the bodies accredited to achieve certification activities in the national area, belong to this committee that was constituted in 2003, together with the experts belonging to the main associated companies.


The AAB Panel, Authentication Commission delegated to release authorizations for the “auditors” activities, depends on CBMC.




It is the body that coordinates the promotional activities leaded together with The Ministry of Economic Development within the "Aerospace" Program for the promotion of exchange and internationalization.


This way it represents the Body that orients and supervises al the activities in order to concentrate the activities and monitor the results of he missions already organized by the work also of the specific “Country Task Force” which will have the task to plan the operational developments of the potential opportunities emerged by the promoted initiatives.


It foresees, together with the participation of the associated enterprises, the participation of the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of ICE, of SACE and SIMEST.



It is a coordination group that also operates through subgroups dedicated to the national collective participation and to the fair events. It is composed by the company representations responsible for external relations and marketing.


At present in “Frame” Position .



It is a specialized group that, within the Federation, consists in the base for the initiatives’ promotion and coordination, in Italy and abroad, needed to ensure and improve the development of the military and civil “equipping” industries.


For this reason it collaborates on the definition of the policies relevant to the development of the national aeronautical industry for the equipment to represent and support in the national and communitarian institutional premises aiming to:


  • research and promote synergies among the associated industries, doing a coordinating action and improving the development of collaborative actions;
  • the knowledge of the role and the meaning of the sector’s industries towards the National Public Administrations;


  • agree for a common position willing to contribute to the meetings of the ASD Committees. 



At present in “Frame” Position.



SME Small Medium Enterprise

The SME group is in charge of supporting any initiative aiming to develop the national SME competitiveness:
  • facilitate a stronger integration process with the large national enterprises;
  • structure the offers for the foreign buyers in a more efficient way;
  • promote the creation of an extremely specialized and competitive industrial satellite system. 


With regards to the above-mentioned objectives it’s role is to facilitate and promote actions and initiatives aiming the satisfy its’ success.



The President  collaborates with 4 Vice-Presidents, each one representing an establishing district.



The group is divided into a Steering Committee, composed by 9 companies, and by the Assembly of the Small Medium Enterprises.