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Only two of the five sector groups are active at the present time:


  • SPACE Committee 


The Sector groups’ role is to discover priorities shared by the different enterprise components of the sector;  highlight the instances and priorities of the industrial system at an institutional level, as contribution to the definition of the national Politics for the Pace and to address the decisions that should be taken at a European and International level  towards advantageous choices for the national Industry.


  • Ground Activities Groups (G.A.T.)


This Group allows to express in a more consistent and organic way the enterprises interests and a major representativeness in an associative environment and, in general, among the relevant European Structures. It also allows a more focused distribution of the information and a better visibility between the Institutions/Associations that, in an international sphere, deal with issues of great interest for this sector.


 The groups which are  in a definition phase follow the themes related to the following sectors: 

  • Aeronautic

  • Navy

  • Security