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Members Directory 2017



Welcome to the section dedicated to the consultation and downloading of the AIAD Members Directory, 2017 edizion.


In the "Download" box you can download and save the booklet, since 2010 edition. We remind you that the printable version has a limited amount of information for an immediate consultation. The .pdf format allows you to save a copy to mobile device such as smartphones, tablets and computers.


To consult the corporate file on this page you will find all the information of your interest.


Browse by corporate name, merchandising sector or search with the geographical map. Open the file for the company of interest to views its references, descriptions of company and asset, images and attached documents.

To view the list of associate companies updated since the last Board of Directors, select “list of members” from the menu AIAD, or click here.




Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between thales and Leonardo

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