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Subject to the joint management and coordination of Leonardo S.p.A. and Thales S.A.

Share capital € 50.000.000 i.v.


Corporate Officers

Nathalie RAVILLY

Chief Executive Officer


Via Tiburtina, 965
00156 - Roma - RM
Phone: +39 06 40791
Fax: +39 06 40999910

Other locations

Telespazio Spa c/o CIRA Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali
Via Maiorise
81043 - Capua - CE

Fucino Space Centre "Piero Fanti"
Strada 31 Fucino snc
67050 - Ortucchio - AQ
Phone: +39 0863 550239

Lario Space Centre
Località Pian di Spagna
22050 - Gera Lario - CO
Phone: +39 0344 93111

Matera Space Centre
Contrada Terlecchie
75100 - Matera - MT
Phone: +39 0835 3751

Scanzano Space Centre
SP. Piana degli Albanesi km. 39.5
90037 - Palermo - PA
Phone: +39 091 8451111



Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), is one of Europe’s leaders and one of the world’s main players in satellite solutions and services.


The company has its headquarters in Rome, Italy, and can count on a staff of approximately 2500 people.


Telespazio operates worldwide through numerous companies, and has a wide international network of space centres and teleports.


In particular, it is present: in France with Telespazio France; in Germany with Telespazio VEGA Deutschland, GAF and Spaceopal (a joint venture in which the German space agency DLR holds a 50% interest); in the United Kingdom with Telespazio VEGA UK; in Spain with Telespazio Iberica and in Romania with Rartel. Telespazio has a consolidated presence in South America with Telespazio Brasil and Telespazio Argentina. In Italy, the company is also present through e-GEOS (in which the Italian Space Agency holds a 20% interest).


Telespazio is a leading company in “key” sectors for public institutions, business operators and consumers, with activities ranging from the design and development of space systems to the management of launch services and in orbit satellite control; from Earth observation services, integrated communication, satellite navigation and localisation, to scientific programmes.


Telespazio relies on a wealth of experience of the highest level, stemming from technological expertise acquired over 50 years of business practice.The Company’s experience is also drawn from the management of space infrastructure - including the Fucino Space Centre, one of the world’s largest civilian teleports - as well as from its qualified involvement in space programmes of great significance, including: Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus, COSMO-SkyMed and SICRAL.


The company now covers the whole space market value chain through its three lines of business:

  • Satellite Communications
  • Geo Information
  • Satellite Systems and Operations.


Telespazio responds to new demands in the market with innovative ideas and solutions.Today, more than ever, Telespazio is a true innovator, transforming what were once just possibilities into real services available to an increasingly wide audience worldwide.



Activities and Products


Business model at today:




Telespazio is one of the world leaders in the design, development and qualification of Integrated Satellite Systems and in the supply of In Orbit Control services for launch, early orbit phase and routine operations (LEOP, IOT, relocation, mission operations) during the working life of satellites in low, medium Earth and geostationary orbits.


These services are provided by means of proprietary ground elements: satellite control center, flight dynamics system and ground stations, together with all the necessary teleport facilities (aux systems, communications, logistic and security facilities).


Telespazio employs highly skilled staff, with internationally recognized know-how, to operate via the proprietary Space Centres in Italy (Fucino, Lario and Scanzano), as well as through customer infrastructures throughout the world. Based on 50 years’ experience supporting the majority of National and European agencies, Telespazio provides engineering, operations and logistic services for large and complex institutional Earth Observation programmes (COSMO-SkyMed, Copernicus), Navigation (Galileo), Aviation (EGNOS) and the relevant downstream applications.


In this field Telespazio is a key innovator in the development of systems, applications and services providing: in Earth Observation missions, the user ground segment elements and processor applications that properly handle and elaborate the optical or radar images; for Navigation and Aviation missions, the capability - thanks to proprietary laboratory, simulators and facilities - to develop and provide applications and qualify new services for the downstream market.


The most important customers are the main satellite operators and satellite manufacturers, the main National and European space agencies and defence administrations.




With its long track record in the satellite telecommunication and television sectors and thanks to a portfolio of cutting-edge products and services, Telespazio offers its clients secure, reliable and globally available solutions.


Telespazio is the Italian leader and a major European player in radio and television broadcasting, thanks to its facilities at the Fucino and Lario Space Centres and to the equipment installed and managed at clients’ premises.


The company manages communications networks capable of integrating satellite and ground-based infrastructure, responding effectively to the requirements of business and institutional markets, media and broadcast sectors and global telecommunications operators.


In the business market Telespazio offers dedicated services for the oil & gas, utilities, maritime and telco sectors, implementing fixed-line, mobile broadband satellite services in Italy and abroad.


In tactical military satellite communications (Milsatcom), Telespazio provides telecommunications services to the armed forces of NATO countries, through its involvement in the Italian defence programme SICRAL.


In non-tactical military communications (Comsatcom), the company offers telemedicine, distance learning and wideband connectivity services.


As part of the institutional satellite communications, Telespazio participates with a strategic role in the ATHENA-FIDUS programme and delivers innovative applications and services in the field of civil protection, security and e-government. Finally, in its Fucino and Scanzano Space Centers, Telespazio hosts ground segment equipment dedicated to telecommunications satellite systems managed by leading international operators (Inmarsat, Eutelsat).




Telespazio is one of the major global suppliers of geospatial application solutions and services.


Through its subsidiaries - mainly through e-GEOS in Italy and GAF in Germany - Telespazio is active in all areas relating to the Earth observation market: from acquiring and processing satellite data to developing and selling software and products. Telespazio provides application services such as environmental protection monitoring, rush mapping in support to natural disaster management, specialized products for defense and intelligence, oil spill and ship detection for maritime surveillance, interferometric measurements for landslides and ground subsidence analysis, thematic mapping for agriculture and forestry. Telespazio is involved in the major Earth Observation programmes including the European Copernicus and the Italian COSMO-SkyMed.


Lastly, in the geoinformation sector, Telespazio offers GIS solutions and applications for the control of vehicle fleets, the monitoring of dangerous sites and e-tourism services.


In support to its operational applications, e-GEOS operates the Matera Space Centre for acquisition, archiving and processing of multi-mission satellite data including COSMO-SkyMed and ESA Sentinels. e-GEOS is the exclusive distributors of COSMO-SkyMed data worldwide.


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Sector of activities

satellite communications
maintenance services
integrated logistic support to ground segment for operations and data processing
for UAV
for satellite systems