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Giulio RANZO


Operative Office
Via Latina snc (SP 600 Ariana, Km. 5,2)
00034 - Colleferro - (RM)
Phone: +39 06 97285111
Fax: +39 06 97285201

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Via Leonida Bissolati, 76
00187 - Roma - (RM)




Avio is an international group leader in the field of space transportation and propulsion, which has its roots in historic BPD Colleferro (Rome), founded in 1912.


Experience and know-how acquired in over than 50 years of space activities allows today Avio to excel in the field of solid-propellant, liquid and cryogenic space propulsion.


It has developed and produces the Vega space launcher.


It is active in the field of research and technological development and collaborates with many national and international universities and research centers.


Avio is based in Italy, France and French Guiana with 5 settlements and employs more than 800 people; in 2015 had revenues of 260 M €.


It is established in the European launch base CSG-Guyanese Space Centre in French Guianasince 1984with the companies Regulus (60% Avio, 40% ASL) and Europropulsion (50% Avio, 50% ASL) based in Paris,too.


Finally, ELV (70% Avio and 30% ASI), based in Colleferro and in French Guyana, for the integration of the Vega launcher.



Activities and Products


The Avio Group manufactures the Vega launcher, with its subsidiary ELV (30% owned by the Italian Space Agency) as prime contractor.


This makes Italy one of the very few countries in the world able to produce a complete space launch vehicle.


Avio will build the new Vega C launcher and contribute to the new Ariane 6 launcher by providing the new solid engines and the Vinci and Vulcain liquid oxygen turbopumps.


The new solid propulsion engine, currently named P120C, for the Ariane 6 European launch vehicle and the new, more powerful version of the Vega launcher will be developed and built by Europropulsion (J.V. 50% Avio, 50% ASL).


To create this engine and the new Zefiro 40 engine (entirely developed, built and tested in Italy by AVIO and designed for the second stage of the Vega launch vehicle), a new composite material made of pre-impregnated carbon fibre will be used.


It will be made directly by Avio in Italy, in its research centres in Colleferro (near Rome) and Airola (near Benevento).


Avio has many years of experience in the design and construction of solid and liquid propellant propulsion systems for space launch vehicles and tactical propulsion.


Avio built the liquid oxygen turbopump for the Vulcain cryogenic engine, as well as the two lateral solid propellant engines for Ariane 5, the first stage of the Aster 30 anti-missile defence missile.


To date, Avio solid propulsion has been used successfully in all of Ariane’s launches (which number over 230 in total) and all of Vega’s launches.


In the field of satellites, the Avio Group has built and supplied propulsion subsystems for ESA and ASI to put into orbit and control over 30 satellites, including most recently SICRAL and Small GEO.




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