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ALTEC – Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company – is the Italian center of excellence for the provision of engineering and logistics services to support operations and utilization of the International Space Station and the development and implementation of planetary exploration missions.


ALTEC is a public-private company owned by the major European space company, Thales Alenia Space and the Italian Space Agency, ASI. 


ALTEC is based in Turin and has liaison offices at NASA and ESA. ALTEC services ranging from engineering and logistics support, training of astronauts, to support experiments in biomedicine in particular, the processing of scientific data, the development and management of the ground segment of space programs and the promotion of space culture.

ALTEC has responsible role in its major contracts dealing with:

  • Ground Segment design, development and operations for the future ESA – IXV Mission;
  • Advanced Scientific Data Processing and Archiving for the ESA – GAIA Mission;
  • Astronaut and ground crew training;
  • Coordination and Supervision Control Centre design, development and operations for future UAV (Unmanned Air-Vehicle) Monitoring System-of-Systems.


The valuable experience acquired has permitted ALTEC to obtain also in the ESA-ISS environment the status of “Engineering Support Centre” and to this purpose a proper facility has been developed.

As a consequence, nowadays ALTEC is structured as a Centre able to manage and execute on-line and off-line monitoring and control of manned systems interfacing with NASA and ESA Control Centre.

ALTEC has significantly enlarged its competence in the last years in response to solicitation from the markets and to shareholders assignments.

The company has now started activities and initiatives aimed to develop “specialist centres or systems” dedicated to the generation of “user’s related products” in a broad ensemble of activity areas including Space Exploration as well as Unmanned Aero-Vehicle (UAV) Operations Control.


Personnel Skills

ALTEC staff is composed by highly skilled experts in the overall space engineering disciplines - operations, logistics, configuration, structure, PA&Safety, thermal/ECLS, avionics, S/W, AIT/AIV and training - who had been able to acquire valuable knowledge of methods and approaches to perform off-line and on-line mission support to NASA Control Centres.

Of particular interest is the expertise developed in the area of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) during the center development phase and presently in the frame of the Center operations and maintenance.


A dedicated team is in charge of managing the center ICT infrastructure as well as security aspects and interfaces with the NASA (JSC and KSC) and ESA (Columbus – MCC) Centres.

ALTEC has also acquired, through its residents to NASA KSC and JSC, a significant expertise in dealing with the NASA personnel, processes, and actual ISS modus operandi.

The team has been certified and is authorized by ASI/NASA for:

  • Real time Operations Support from MER/IMC at JSC;
  • Real time Operations Support from ALTEC Mission Control Room in Turin;
  • Access to JSC protected areas and databases.


Adequate training processes have been developed and are used to maintain personnel skills and to certify newly acquired personnel for preparing them to participate in the support operations activities.



Activities and Products


MSC – Mission Support Centre


The MSC was established in 2001 to provide real time operation support to the MPLM missions by receiving real time data from Shuttle and ISS, providing access to mission voice loops and live video, to mission archived data, and supporting as well mission simulations and real time ground test execution at KSC.


The MSC has been also equipped with a dedicated console with some capabilities allowing access to MSFC resources for P/L support.

Several MSC capabilities, in particular Voice Loops and Video, can be extended to support P/L operations (as done during HPA and Elite S2 execution on board ISS).

The MSC is composed by seven consoles (six dedicated to the engineering team and one to the ground controller) each of them having a workstations, for receiving real time telemetry data and data archive, a pc for database, documentation and data processing and the voice loop system for voice communication with NASA centres.

ALTEC has developed the architecture of the ALTEC MSC and the software used for data management and archive.
Since 2011, after the end of MPLM/Shuttle missions the MSC is devoted mainly to the support of the PMM (Pressurized Multipurpose Module) operations.

ESC - Engineering Support Center

Since 2006 ALTEC is operating the Engineering Support Center – ESC - to provide support to the ESA programs developed for the International Space Station (Columbus, Payloads, ATV).

The ESC is connected directly to the Columbus Control Center (COL-CC in Munich, as well as with several European centers which are responsible for the on orbit operation of the various payloads (EDR, FSL, SOLAR).

The Centre receives telemetry data directly from COL-CC during the working day, while taking a morning back-up data of the previous night.


In this way all the telemetry of Columbus and the P / L's is stored at the Centre to be revisited later in the event of faults or to perform the system efficiency forecast in a short-term period.

In addition, the Centre is equipped with a "voice loops" system that can readily interact with operators located in the COL-CC. Finally, a video system completes the infrastructure, essential to follow all the operations carried out by astronauts during critical maintenance tasks on board.


The support provided by the ESC consists of:

  • REAL-TIME support, when the assets are linked to what happens in real time on the Space Station. These require specific tools, an adequate infrastructure in terms of safety, organization of teams and specific procedures.
  • OFF-LINE support, when activities have longer times and are generally carried out with the help of mathematical models, databases, documents relating to the design and simulators.

EXOMARS ROCC – Rover Operations Control Centre

ALTEC has been assigned with the responsibility to design, build and operate the control center for the ExoMars rover (Rover Operations Control Centre – ROCC) located at ALTEC.

During the Exomars Rover Mission, which is now foreseen to be launched in 2018, the ROCC will host the team of engineers and scientists and will be the Centre which will be held in all the activities of operational control, engineering support and preliminary scientific analysis relevant to the operations of the rover on the Martian surface.


It will be connected to other elements of the ground segment including:


  • ESOC/MOC, via ESOC MOC Data System, during the surface operations to receive and transmit Rover data through the ESA Orbiter Data relay;
  • ESAC, to archive the Scientific data for long term archiving;
  • Scientific Community remote sites to dispatch scientific data during mission.


In ALTEC an area for Mars terrain simulation has been already implemented, the so called Mars & Moon Terrain Demonstrator (MMTD), where the Rover models will be operative to verify some performance aspects, to evaluate possible command options and to support the analysis of anomaly situation potentially occurring on Martian surface.

ESA GAIA Mission – ASI Contribution to the Data Processing: the GAIA-DPC-Italy


The Gaia DPC-I (Italian Dataprocessing Center) development and operations is a joint effort between the science team of the Astronomical Observatory of Turin and the ALTEC industry team.

ALTEC is in charge of providing the overall HW, SW infrastructure and Database required for running the scientific SW components, which represent part of Italian Contribution to the ESA Gaia mission.

The Italian Data Processing Centre, is hosted and operated at ALTEC centre in Turin. The primary objective of DPCT is to provide the infrastructure (in terms of HW, SW and communications) and operations support to the Astrometric Verification Unit.


Advanced Monitoring System based on UAV’s – SMAT Project


ALTEC support Alenia Aermacchi (Finmeccanica group) industry in the research and development activities aimed to the design and future operations of a “system-of-systems”, based on unmanned air-vehicles, for advanced methodologies of territory surveillance, monitoring and control.

ALTEC is in charge of the design and development of the “Coordination and Supervision Control Centre” (SS&C) for the UAV’s fleet mission planning, data management and user services provision.

The SSC is the terminal concentrator of all network connections of the different CSs (it is worth to note that CS does not interface in any manner each other).

From an HW point of view, the core of the SSC data system is represented by a cluster of servers that run the SSC SW, connected to a Storage Area Network making available to the system around 4 TB of disk space.

The SSC SW provides the following main functions:

  • Receive real-time telemetry and sensor data, process it in real time, store it in the DB and distribute it to the client computers for operator display and analysis;
  • Provide the support to all system definition and planning activities, including automatic data export, transmission and subsequent reception, import of the different flight plans;
  • Provide the support for the post mission data processing and end-user product generation;
  • Provide a database designed to save mission products and to support the users in post-mission data retrieval and processing, and to supply to the operators external data for mission support.



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