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General Director
Diego Michele DEPRATI

Technical Director

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Viale S. Bartolomeo, 414
19126 - La Spezia - SP
Phone: +39 0187 59831
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Baglietto, the historical shipyard established in 1854 in La Spezia, has always been an icon of Italian and international boat building.


The experiences and the knowledge gained in more than a century and a half of history, have enabled the shipyard to build boats intended for different uses and to respond with innovative solutions and expertise to the expectations of its customers, civil and military.


Baglietto Navy has been created with the aim of continuing a military tradition that has marked the history of the shipyard since its beginning.


From its first historical MAS (anti-submarine motorboat) to the latest patrol boats built for the Guardia di Finanza (Revenue Guard Corps), the long collaboration with the Italian and other international Navies has allowed the shipyard to acquire competence and a wide technical patrimony. Today the Baglietto brand, acquired by the Gavio Group, a well-established international company operating in key sectors of development such as infrastructure and transport, wants to revive in a perspective of contemporary military applications.




With its headquarter based in La Spezia, facing the “Gulf of the Poets” – a strategic area for the traffic of mega yachts in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • The shipyard extends over an area of more than 35,000 m².
  • A 700 tons travel lift and two carriages of equivalent capacity permit the hauling and launching of yachts up to 65 metres.
  • Two new sheds with air conditioning and a 10 tons granty crane join the existing four, for an average annual production of 3/4 new units ranging between 35 and 65 m.
  • Thanks to the available docks, the shipyard can host up to 12 ships at a time.



Activities and Products




Baglietto Navy’s current production is based on extensively tested hulls for fast units ranging between 15 and 35 m, with steel, aluminium or VTR hull and conventional, water-jet or surface-propeller drives as required.

The performance of these units does not suffer to a significant extent even in rough waters, thus guaranteeing the utmost operating capacity.

Among the most high-performance hulls, Baglietto has 24 m, 30 m and 35 m units that can be built with both water-jet and surface-propeller drive and get up to 40 knots speed; the equipments can be adapted for different requirements, SAR (Search and Rescue), ORC (Offshore Riding Craft), PV (Patrol Vessel), FFC (Fast Fighting Craft) or others for Civil Protection operations.


Among the most recent units, Baglietto has built the FFC 15, a 15 meters aluminum fast craft, designed for high efficiency in different operational scenario.


It is a multi-purpose nautical platform, widely customizable both as regards the motor drive/propulsion, and the interior/exterior equipment.


Thanks to its 3 different propulsions options, Waterjet, Shaft Line & Stern drive, the MNI 15 is suitable for sea and riverine navigation. The MNI 15 allows different type of fittings and equipment suitable for different missions: Safety of Life at Sea, logistic, defense, patrolling, prevention of Illegal Trafficking or drone.



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