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BMC Air Filter is a well - known brand for the manufacturing of air intake systems and carbon parts.


It was born in the 90’s in Medicina, Bologna, and it has branches and distributors all over the world.


The company works in a several number of industries such as aerospace, automotive and racing.


Thanks to the experience of its technicians and to the use of CFD and FEM calculations, BMC is able to develop innovative solutions in composite materials.


The filtering element inside the air systems is reusable and it protects the engine from 100% of impurities, which results in a reduction of maintenance costs, loss of air pressure and increased life of the helicopters.


The BMC quality management system works in the respect of the UNI EN 9100: 2009 and UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards.



Activities and Products


BMC Air Filter designs and produces engine air filters and aspiration systems for the automotive, marine and aeronautic sectors covering air, land and water-going vehicles and equipment.


Technology Concepts / Know how:


The function of the air filter is to protect the engine from elements (dirt deposits, sand, dust, etc.) which are present in the direct air intake flow to the engine.


The air filter also has to provide the lowest possible loss of pressure (that is the difference between the upper and lower pressure values of the filtration system) in as much as the higher the loss of pressure caused by the filtration device the greater is the reduction of maximum power available from the engine.    


The BMC air filter is designed to allow the maximum passage of air in order to guarantee a high level of air flow to the engine to thereby benefit its performance. 


After reaching the established km / hours usage level, the filter air BMC can be "regenerated" through a process of restoration and subsequently reused, allowing continuous operation of the vehicle. 


BMC also holds a number of industrial patents for its air filter solutions.


Applications: Helicopters


The experience matured in the use of BMC products under every possible environmental condition has enabled it to gain experience which has now interested companies concerned with the construction of Helicopters.


The BMC filters have overcome the most severe testing, under extreme conditions of visibility (less than 2mts) allowing operation under serious conditions such as deserts and beaches, with both high temperatures and humidity levels without causing erosion of the turbines guaranteeing the use and operability of the vehicle for hundreds of hours without servicing. 


BMC products are designed with the objective of: 

  • Allowing and guaranteeing the use of the equipment under serious environmental conditions, with a high concentration of air impurities (high levels of sand and dirt, desert storms, etc.). 

  • To avoid problems of mechanical motor component damage provoked by the erosive effect of impurities in the air flow. 

  • To limit maintenance activities to the mechanical motor components. 

  • To reduce management costs of components and maintenance.   


The products are manufactured using high quality aeronautically certified materials.




BMC performs continuous laboratory testing. The tests mainly conducted are: 

  • test of environmental compatibility (with reference to MIL RTCA specifications)

  • filtration testing

  • Pressure Drop Test 


The preset objective is to observe the behaviour of the filters under exercise conditions, to examine new materials and to design new solutions. 


All products are also tested and qualified under severe environmental conditions. 


Other Applications:


Air filtering systems for aspiration motors, Petrol and Diesel turbos, Turbines, Turbo Compressors for: Helicopters, Tanks, Trucks, Off Road Vehicles, Marine motors, Drones. 


Quality Systems and Certifications:


BMC’s quality system is certified in accordance to the requisites of the following norms:

  • ISO 9001:2008

  • EN 9100:2009


Object of Certification: Planning and manufacture of filters and engine air filter systems for the aeronautical sector. 


BMC has also gained approval and a certificate of conformity to the aeronautic specifics for the execution of the following special processes: 

  • Non structural bonding

  • Paint – composites

  • Manufacturing of monolithic parts

  • Riveting

  • Manufacturing of sandwich parts

  • Brazing



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