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What Cantiere Navale Vittoria is today, arises from the effort and sacrifices of the Duò family over almost a century of activity. Luigi Duò put the first seed in 1927 with little money, but great passion for this job. He always followed his beliefs: high quality of ships built and reliability of employees, at any cost.
These values are still the main pillars of Cantiere Navale Vittoria management. The three generations who have run the Shipyard until today have worked continuously toward product innovation deeply committed in bringing diligence, passion and social responsibility to their business. 
With these principles in mind, Cantiere Navale Vittoria has developed its international presence, which continues to expand every day. 
Cantiere Navale Vittoria has been building ships and shipping components for almost 90 years, working in all sectors of naval construction. The Company is today one of the main qualified official supplier of several public authorities around the globe, as wells as major ship owning groups, having produced more than 870 boats of any kind. Manufacturing experience includes tugboats, cargo vessels, fishing boats, paramilitary and military vessels, pusher tugs, dredgers and hopper dredgers, tankers, pontoons and ferryboats for motor vehicles and passengers.
Cantiere Navale Vittoria structure allows efficient production, flexibility and top-quality levels, regardless the type of boat to be manufactured. The Structure operates through quality and environmental systems in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.
For Cantiere Navale Vittoria quality and environmental care are such important as safety and health conditions of the workers. The Company has in fact received the OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) 18001 certificate, an equally important validation to evaluate management competences in considering and acting upon potential dangers and risks on the job.
It is also thanks to these several certified traits that Cantiere Navale Vittoria daily strengthened its position as a leading competitor in the global market.
The workspace, localized in Via Leonardo Da Vinci in Adria, covers a 22.000 square meters surface, 10.000 of which enclosed in mobile warehouses.
Cantiere Navale Vittoria has three main haulage and launching lines: 165 x 30 m, 100 x 18 m, 75 x 15 m; and is one of the few Companies in Italy still able to do traditional inauguration. 
Prefabrication yards are equipped with mobile hangars sliding on rails, which allow production to continue on different projects simultaneously without restraints from external climate.
Offices are in a brand new building, one of the important investments made in recent years to improve both production and working conditions.
All welding procedures are compliant with the standard ISO 3834-2 and approved for manual and automatic welding of several materials: carbon steel, high tensile steel, duplex stainless steel, light aluminum alloy, Avesta steel.
Cantiere Navale Vittoria is a qualified supplier of the:
  • Italian Navy, Coast Guard, Civil Protection, Fire Brigades and Custom Police
  • Malta Civil Protection and Armed Forces of Malta
  • Slovenian Maritime Police and Coast Guard
  • Croatian Ministry of the Interior
  • Cyprus Ministry of Justice and Public Order, and Navy
  • Tunisian Coast Guard and Navy
  • Libyan Coast Guard
  • Alegerian Navy
  • Romenian Custom Police
  • Bambini S.r.l.
  • Zeta S.r.l. 
  • Algerian Navy and Skikda Port authority
  • Aspekt Konversia Russia
  • CitiySightSeeing Italia
  • ACTV Venezia



Activities and Products


MAIN PRODUCTS – Military and Paramilitary: 

Vittoria Shipyard is leader since many decades in the Military and Paramilitary vessels global market.
Particularly popular are Search and Rescue boats, unsinkable and self-righting. In the last few years, The Company produced more than a hundred of vessels for the Coast Guards of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Libya, Malta, Cyprus and Tunisia. These Corps use SAR boats everyday against illegal immigration, smuggling, illegal drug trade and terrorism, in addition to environmental and fishing areas protection.
Vittoria Fast Patrol Vessels can guarantee high top speeds (35 - 44 knots) that allows these boats to operate also in areas far from ports for an average period of 5/6 days and 14-18 crewmembers. High performances, combined with an excellent hull design and state of the art controls, assure minimum speed loss in any sea condition.
The P580 Offshore Patrol Vessels serve for deep-sea patrolling, surveillance and interception. These boats are capable to remain at sea for over 20 days and their particular hull shape guarantees superb stability and high sea-keeping even in extreme weather and seas conditions. Launched with the names P01 Monte Sperone (Italian Custom Police Flagship Boat) and P02 Monte Cimone the two P580 units are the largest vessels ever created for the Italian Custom Police. These ships are 58 meters long with 460 tons of full load displacement, and each one employs a 30-person crew.
Vittoria Firefighting vessels are nimble and technologically advanced vehicles developed to support fire fighters in various situations such as emergency operations, controlling fires and environmental protection. Vittoria Shipyard design boats for every location: offshore, inland waters and ports.
The main Navies of the world often require and use Landing Crafts in their operations. Vittoria MTMs guarantee exceptional support in any amphibious military action, troops and ground equipment transportation, and coast landing operations.
The unit has a comfortable pilothouse with complete trim for the best conduction of the vessel. Moreover, the armored wheelhouse provides the required level of ballistic protection to the crew.In recent years landing crafts has evolved regarding levels of visibility and the possibility, with the new lateral wheelhouse, to be loaded with ground vehicles for its entire length from stern to bow.
Created to prevent, pursue and block suspicious or illegal traffics; Vittoria Fast Interceptors are studied to fight illegal immigration, smuggling, piracy and drug trafficking. These boats are an authentic laboratory of futuristic solutions; the top speed from 50 to 75 knots (depending on the model) and the excellent sea keeping make these vessels a benchmark for this kind of patrolling. For instance, the Interceptor 65’, a 19m fiberglass is able to reach the exceptional top speed of 75 knots and guarantee a cruising speed of 55 knots with a range of more than 500 NM.
MAIN PRODUCTSWork and Commercial: 
Beside Military and Paramilitary Vessels, Vittoria Shipyard has a long serving experience in manufacturing any kind of Work and Commercial Boat as tugs, firefighting vessels, fishing boats, dredgers, pontoons, supply vessels, cargo, passenger boats and many others.   
Great power and extreme maneuverability: these are the main qualities that a tugboat must have to perform its tasks at its best With models such as barges, pilot boats and pusher tugs, there is no tug vessel that Vittoria Shipyard is unable to craft. Some of these vessels have in fact an ICE2 class notation, which certifies the ability to perform tug tasks even in non-arctic ice waters.Vittoria’s Tugs can operate as a pusher in the port but also serve offshore, becoming de facto a small supply vessel.
Therefore, alongside the traditional tugs’ facilities these vessels integrate other peculiar instruments, among which stands out a small crane. This tool was though, in fact, to support the technical needs of larger vessels. Winches and pulleys complete the equipment, providing an ideal versatility of use in port services and offshore.
Vittoria Shipyard is also specialized in crafting dredgers. These dredgers are self-propelled and uses DUSPAN dredging method to quickly intervene and ensure maintenance of safety backdrops for navigation. Pumps are sized to perform in a faster and reliable way such activities, while from the wheelhouse is possible to monitor the amount of silt removed. Furthermore, dredgers are equipped with air-conditioned and soundproof bridge, in order to give to personnel the best comfort during everyday activities.
There are ships conceived to work for the service of other ships. Vittoria Supply Vessels ensure maximum safety and the best ease of operation thanks to their refined DP2 positioning system, the Kongsberg DPK-POS, which guarantees automatic maneuvers management even with minimum visibility and rough sea. These vessels are classified as Fast Support Vessels (FSV): a successful synthesis of Vittoria Shipyard’s ability of building boats for advanced companies engaged in competitive and complex industries. This classification shows in fact that Vittoria Supply Vessels are able to fulfill efficiently their role combining advanced technical features, high performances and speed. 
The founder, Luigi Duò, built Vittoria shipyard during the ‘20s exactly to manufacture cargo vessels. Over the years, the experience gained by shipwrights has led the modern solutions developed by the R&D department, ensuring a targeted layout for any kind of cargo. Knowhow in this kind of boats includes manufacturing of several construction materials and knowledge of any kind of machinery for cargo boarding, management and unloading. Moreover, Vittoria Shipyard has a relevant experience in manufacturing Duplex stainless steel chemical tankers. 
The new HSC light-alloy passenger unit is made of naval-type aluminum and has a semi-planing monocarena hull with characteristics suitable for the fast transport of passengers in conditions of high comfort.
Passengers are placed on two decks, one lower (main deck) and one upper.
The unit is of class HSC 2000 Category "B" as defined by the same HSC Code; it is also certified "Pass" and "AUT-CCS"
In order to guarantee a high soundproofing, suitable and advanced materials are used, as well as the most modern application techniques for obtaining soundproofing and comfort.
Particular care is given to the study of the elimination of vibrations, both in the design phase, studying a structure suitable for the vibration damping, and in the construction phase, taking particular attention to the arrangement of appropriately localized construction details, so as to counteract and dampen both the low and the high frequencies.
Thanks to high standards work-methods and large quantitative capacity, Cantiere Navale Vittoria is able to ensure simultaneous development of different projects.
The Company operates through tailor made production and engineering to order (E.T.O.) guaranteeing maximum production flexibility and the best choice in terms of qualified selected suppliers and employees.
  • Turnkey manufacturing
  • Majority of ordered vessels built at Vittoria Shipyard and the rest at destination with “technology transfer”
  • Construction of ordered vessels at destination through “assembly kits” and technical supervision. The “assembly Kits” are equipped with all the different sections of the vessel to be assembled
  • Licensing production at destination 
Vittoria Shipyard works alongside its customers during the financial procurement phase.
Furthermore, the Company is always open to evaluate financial support and guarantees in favor of the customer.



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