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CIRA Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali S.C.p.A.

Share capital € 985.223,75


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General Manager
Marcello AMATO

Board of Director Member
Tiziana DI CHIO

Board of Director Member
Felicio DE LUCA

Board of Director Member

Board of Director Member


Via Maiorise s.n.c.
81043 - Capua - CE
Phone: +39 0823 623111
Fax: +39 0823 622024




CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Center, is a private-public company established in 1984 to carry out aeronautics and space research.

The Center, with headquarters and operational structures in Capua, Campania, was created by the Italian State, with the aim of promoting research and technological development in space and aeronautics such as other European countries, and enabling Italian enterprises to compete at high levels on international markets.

The Italian Space Agency (reference shareholder), the National Research Council, the Campania Region, and industries and SMEs of the aerospace sector who play a part in the company, all ensure that CIRA’s goals remain consistent with the strategic national guidelines and the needs of companies, thereby contributing to the economic and social development of the country.

Today, more than thirty years after its birth, CIRA has the most important aerospace research infrastructures in Italy with unique test facilities in the world and state-of-the-art laboratories used by national and international organizations and industries.

CIRA activities concern the most advanced topics of aerospace research. Researchers and technicians are engaged in the study of aeronautical and space aircraft able to fly autonomously and at very high speeds; in the development of innovative systems to reduce the environmental impact of air transport; in increasing flight safety; in making more efficient the air traffic management; in the development and testing of new re-entry and landing systems.

With the definition of new ambitious programs contained in the new PRORA, CIRA has extended its fields of interest: the design and construction of stratospheric platforms for the monitoring of the territory; the development of infrastructures for the experimentation and qualification of technologies and systems for the exploration of Mars; activities in the field of space biology.

CIRA takes part in the main European and international research programs, collaborates with aeronautical and space organizations and industries all over the world, joins the most important worldwide associations.

It currently employs 370 people, mostly involved in scientific and technological research and development.


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