Reserved area



Share capital € 1.000.000,00


Corporate Officers

Giovanna ROMEO


Sede Legale
Via Flaminia, 335
00196 - Roma - RM
Phone: +39 06 469168203





Joint-stock company with sole shareholder the Ministry of Defense. Legal entity of private law for economic management of goods and services deriving from Dicastery institutional activities Economic management, as a concessionaire or agent, of assets, including intangible assets, and services deriving from Dicastery institutional activities not directly related to the operational activities of the FA Characteristics "in house providing" objectives (finding additional resources, creating wealth and rational management of assets) places a series of goods, services and services on the market:


  • Economic management properties and assets
  • Environmental enhancement of military facilities for renewable energy
  • Economic management of activities and services as meteorology health merchandising, geo-cartography aerial and satellite photo
  • Brand enhancement by granting temporary use for consideration brands names and distinctive signs of the FA
  • Promotion and billing of activities, services and technical services, also connected to the industrial and productive activity of the Dicastery, to national and foreign subjects



Activities and Products