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President & CEO

Chief Operating Officer
Domitilla BENIGNI

Deputy Chief Operating Officer Chief Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officer

Chief Sales Officer
Alessandro ERCOLANI


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Via Tiburtina Valeria km 13,700
00131 - Roma - RM
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Elettronica was founded in 1951 and it quickly ranked among the leading European Companies in the design, development and manufacture Electronic Defence equipment and systems.

Over the last 60 years our systems have equipped numerous air, naval and ground platforms, of both national and international Armed Forces. This is primarily due to the Company's ability to develop specific techniques and strategies in the production of its equipment, with emphasis on achieving excellence.


The accrued experience constitutes the backbone of its Defence Electronics capability, where a timely and exhaustive response is mandatory to always effectively meeting customer requirements.


An in-borne ability to perceive customer expectations and to almost anticipate needs, a total commitment to the Company’s core business, and the ongoing effort to maintaining a privately owned share capital, are the unique qualities that have always qualified Elettronica from its outset on the international scene.


Elettronica S.p.A is the headquarter of Electronic Group which is composed by CY4GATE, specialized in Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Security and Cyber EW, and Elettronica Gmbh, the German susbsidiary active in Homeland Security solutions.



Activities and Products


ELT embodies excellence in the design, development and production of electronic defense systems.


Throughout the years the company has successfully met the challenges posed by a continuously changing scenario, demonstrating a proven solidity together with a unique flexibility.


By establishing fruitful collaborations, at both technical and commercial levels, with international partners, has enabled the company to pursue important programs for air, naval and ground purposes. 


The foremost distinctive feature of the company’s commitment is the interception, classification and identification of intentional/unintentional electromagnetic emissions in the radar, communications and Infrared spectrum bands, ensuring a reduced reaction time (Surveillance, Recognition and Intelligence function).


This is followed by a tailored countermeasures response in order to defeat the threat emission-associated weapon system (Protection function). Elettronica thus provides equipment, sensors and actuators for installation on airborne, naval and land platforms by exploiting high level and sophisticated proprietary technologies.

The company’s product range can be split up into passive and active systems for airborne, naval and land platforms.


In particular, Elettronica is specialized in the production of passive defence systems for the search, interception, analysis, identification and location of electromagnetic emissions (ESM/Tactical ELINT), Radar Warning Receivers (RWR), electronic countermeasures (ECM) defence systems, integrated ESM/ECM systems. Recent efforts are focused on developments in COMM EW, inclusive of the new Cyber warfare applications, and equally in integrated IR defense systems.


The main programs in which Elettronica participates address all aspects of the Electronic Defence needs, from single stand-alone equipment, to more complex multi-sensor integrated systems. Elettronica can rightfully claim to have installed its products in a large variety of internationally known platforms such as; EH101, NH90, Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, Mirage 2000, Horizon, FREMM, Baynunah, C27J, C130J

The air-space and defence sector is constantly evolving, which implies the need to constantly pursue a technological and production development in order to maintain the achieved level of innovation and the competitive edge compared with other manufacturers.


Elettronica approaches this requirement by constantly reviewing its product architectures and related enabling technologies in order to be able to claim a unique excellence, in terms of applied technology and production methods, that constitutes a key element to the successful supremacy in the Electronic Defence segment.


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