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GEMELLI started the operations in 1947 under the name of “Laboratorio Radio di Gianni Gemelli”. The goal was to design and manufacture radio-transceivers dedicated to both aeronautical and naval civil/military applications.


Some of the above equipment have been used by the Italian Team who first reached the K2 summit.


During the 60's and 70's, aircraft such as FIAT AVIAZIONE (then ALENIA) F104G and S, G91, G91Y, G222, PIAGGIO P148 and P166, AERMACCHI MB326, SIAI MARCHETTI SF260 and S211, and all the helicopters produced by AGUSTA GROUP were equipped by GEMELLI communication systems.


In 1982 the name was changed to “Gemelli S.a.S.” and the Company dedicated its best efforts to design and produce a large range of aircraft Intercom Systems, that is still today its widest product line.


In 1998 Gemelli S.r.l. was born. The Company was the result of a merge of the activities of Gemelli and Sidea S.r.l., a Company specialized in Active Noise Reduction Technology (A.N.R.).


The result was a new product line called A.N.R.A.C.S. of aircraft internal communication systems using A.N.R. and M.A.N.P. (Microphone Active Noise Processing) technologies that offer the most effective solution for any aircraft where clear communication is required in high noise ambient.


Today GEMELLI is the Italian leader for the design and supply of aircraft internal communication equipment and systems. GEMELLI devices can assure clear communication performances even when they are required to operate in very severe noise environmental conditions, as they are fully integrated with active noise control technologies.


During the years 2000 the marketing interest for GEMELLI integrated A.N.R. communication systems grew up substantially.


Some customers like the Italian Army decided to upgrade all the major combat helicopter ICS adopting the GEMELLI WonderCom family of equipment to protect the flying personnel and to obtain clear communication in high noise environment.


The level of high intelligible communication achieved by the applications mentioned above was the initial step for generating other kinds of worldwide interests for GEMELLI product lines.


Some of these were the collaboration program with Lockheed Martin for the development of advanced fighter flight helmets and the upgrade of large Russian helicopters internal communication systems required during operations in the west.


These technologies, coupled with advanced analog and digital onboard intercommunication systems and with ground-board-board-ground wireless communication systems (the new Company product line), represent the strength points of the Company, placing it in the top levels of the worldwide market.



Activities and Products


  • Integrated Aircraft and Helicopters Internal Communication Systems capable of providing Active Noise Reduction (A.N.R.A.C.S.) performance and digital/analog managing of transceivers and receivers audio communications.
  • Integrated communication systems installed on helicopters A109 /119 A129 / AW149 / A129 / CH47 / AB212 / AB412 / A205 / SH3D / HH3F.
  • Integrated communication systems installed on aircrafts G222 / C27J / M346 / MB339 / S208 / SF260 / S211.
  • Modification of Russian origin communication systems in order to keep them available to European/U.S.A. standards.
  • A.N.R. flight headsets for professional users.
  • A.N.R. headsets for ground to aircraft communications.
  • A.N.R. Audio Kits integrated to professional helmets for helicopters and fighter aircraft users.
  • Automatic voice activated P.T.T. systems using (A.N.R.A.C.S.) noise reduction inside line technology capable of piloting communications inside portable transceivers.
  • Research and development of active noise control systems for ventilation/air-conditioning noise reduction.
  • Development of active noise control audio kits for fighter combat helmets.
  • FULL-DUPLEX Wireless communication systems for all ground-to-ground, ground-to-board and board-to-ground communications, capable to operate in severe noise condition ambient with completely A.N.R. protection and free-hands action.
  • HALF-DUPLEX Wireless communication systems for all ground-to-ground, ground-to-board and board-to-ground communications, capable to operate in severe noise condition ambient with completely A.N.R. protection and free-hands action. 



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