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Managing Director


Head Office
Via Alta, 100 - Loc. Ca' del Sale
19038 - Sarzana - SP
Phone: +39 0187 6171
Fax: +39 0187 674249

Other locations

More Office
Viale San Bartolomeo
19100 - La Spezia - SP
Phone: +39 0187 524355
Fax: +39 0187 674249

More Office
Via S. Raineri, 22
98122 - Messina - ME
Phone: +39 090 7765283
Fax: +39 090 7765293




Intermarine is a shipyard specialised in design and construction of vessels in steel, aluminium and composite materials for both the military and civilian fields.

In the field of FRP vessels Intermarine is the largest and most important Italian shipyard, and one of the largest in the world.

At first Intermarine specialised in the field of Mine Countermeasure Vessels, where it has achieved an indisputable leadership; then the considerable technological background acquired building this kind of vessels for the most prestigious world Navies has been fruitfully used for the design and construction of other kind of vessels, for both military and civilian purpose:

  • Minehunters, in FRP
  • Fast Patrol Boats, in FRP and Aluminium
  • Hydro-oceanographic vessels, in FRP
  • Support and work boats, in FRP and Alluminium


Development of Minehunters started in 1977, on the basis of very innovative design and construction technique set up by Intermarine specialists, and in strict cooperation with the Italian Navy.
Such a technique consists in building the hull as a monolithic GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) shell, without any longitudinal or transverse reinforcement: this design allows exploiting at maximum the intrinsic elasticity and flexibility of the GRP, so that the hull, in case of explosion of a mine close to the vessel, is capable of absorbing the enormous shock, transmitting to the internal structures and to the installed equipment just a limited portion of the energy released by the mine explosion.

The validity of the technical solutions studied and adopted by Intermarine, continuously refined and improved during the years, is demonstrated by the fact that Navies of 8 Countries, among which some of the most prestigious (such as Italy, USA and Australia), have chosen Intermarine for building their fleets of Mine Countermeasure Vessels.
So far Intermarine has built 9 different configurations of minehunters, integrating on board of such vessels almost all the systems/equipment available in the mine countermeasure market: such experience and capability grant to every Customer the Intermarine ability to build, at lower costs and with minimum technical risks, whichever configuration the Customer requires to comply with its own operational, logistic, technical or industrial requirements.

Intermarine is qualified as per the most restrictive quality military and civilian (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) standards.


Intermarine owns three production facilities:

  • Sarzana, on an area of 76.000 sqm (16.000 under roof), where the headquarters, the technical and commercial departments and the FRP production are located
  • La Spezia, where the outfitting yard is located, on an area of 6.600 sqm (1.600 under roof) where vessels up to 70 m in length are built
  • Messina, on an area of 30.000 sqm (15.000 under roof), where vessels in steel and aluminium up to 80 m in length are built 



Activities and Products


  • Development, design and construction of military and paramilitary vessels in steel, aluminium and composite materials, mainly in GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic).
  • Research and development of advanced composite materials for use in naval field and, in general, in the military field (ex.: ballistic protection).
  • Indisputable world leadership in the field of mine countermeasure vessels (mainly Minehunters), supplied in 10 variants to 9 Navies, among which some of the most prestigious (Italy, USA, Australia).
  • Fast Patrol Boats in aluminium and FRP for military or para-military bodies (Custom service, Coast Guard, Police) up to 60 m.
  • Hydro-oceanographic vessels.
  • Auxiliary and support vessels (divers support, transportation, torpedoes recovery).




Sector of activities

mine war-fare ships
patrol vessel