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Iveco - Oto Melara Società Consortile a r.l.

Share capital € 40.000 i.v.

Iveco - Oto Melara Società Consortile a r.l.




The Consortium Iveco – Oto Melara (CIO) was established in 1985, on equal participation between Iveco and Oto Melara, as unique interface of the Italian Army in the armored vehicle field, to design, develop and manufacture a new generation of MBTs and AIFVs.


Within the Consortium, Iveco Defence Vehicles is responsible for engines, gears and all the automotive components, the hull and the final integration of wheeled armoured vehicles while Oto Melara is responsible for weapon systems, sight and fire control systems of both wheeled and tracked vehicles and the hull and the final integration of tracked armoured vehicles. Both companies have excellent skills in the field of protection against direct fire, mines and IEDs.

Iveco Defence Vehicles, belonging to CNH Industrial Group, has established an outstanding international reputation for the practical application of innovative automotive and protection solutions, drawing heavily on the company’s underpinning expertise in the commercial vehicle sector. The result is a full range of logistic, multirole, protected and armoured vehicles which together enable the military user to meet the most exacting of operational demands.

Oto Melara, a division of the Leonardo group, is a world leader in the design and production of small and medium caliber naval guns. Leader in the technology of turret weapon systems and in their production for wheeled and tracked vehicles and a reference in both naval (127mm) and land (155mm) guided ammunition, it is also present on the market with land, antiaircraft and aeronautical artillery systems, launchers and robotic vehicles.


Oto Melara can supply the Armed Forces with advanced and reliable weapon systems granting a continuous assistance worldwide and a support service throughout the operational life of its products. 




Sector of activities

amphibious vehicles
tanks, armoured vehicles, self propelled artilleries