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Share capital € 90.000,00


Corporate Officers

Chairman and Managing Director
Valfredo ZOLESI


Plant and Headquarters
Via di Popogna, 501
57128 - Livorno - LI
Phone: +39 0586 562100
Fax: +39 0586 562222




Kayser Italia S.r.l. is a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME), independent Italian system engineering company incorporated in 1986. Kayser Italia main area of business is in the design, manufacturing, integration, testing and assistance of systems for aerospace research, satellite systems and subsystems, avionic systems for defense.




Kayser Italia has a Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, and is now completing the certification according to EN 9100:2009.

The manufacturing personnel is also regularly trained and certified by European Space Agency (ESA) approved institutes on the following subjects:

  • Soldering of PCB and connectors

  • SMT soldering

  • Solder inspection

  • Crimping

  • Wire-wrapping

  • Harness manufacturing

  • Harness inspection




Electronic laboratory instrumentation is periodically calibrated and includes:

  • Electronic instrumentation: oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, data acquisition systems, signal conditioners, power supplies, sensors, calibrators

  • Development tools for various microprocessors and FPGA’s

  • Environmental test facilities: Climatic chambers (300 and 990 liters) for temperature and humidity tests, vacuum pumps and glass bells for de-gassing and vacuum tests, temperature controlled baths and circulators

  • Clean room 100 sq. meters 

  • Inspection and test: microscopes and video cameras, micrometric measurement bench, infrared thermal camera, tensile strength test equipment

  • 3D fast prototyping 


 Software and computing tools: network of more than 100 computers with:

  • Documentation: MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio
  • Software development: MS Visual Studio (C / C ++, C #, Visual Basic, ASP)
  • Requirements management: IRQA
  • Simulation and Analysis: Scilab, IDL
  • Mechanics e Thermal: Autodesk Inventor Suite, Autodesk Autosketch, PATRAN / NASTRAN MSC, ESATAN, ESACRACK GROWING
  • Electronics: Cadence OrCad, Altium, Mentor Dx Designer, Labview, Libero, Modelsim
  • Software embedded: Keil, IAR, VxWorks
  • FPGA: Actel, Xilinx, Lattice, Atmel
  • FPGA and memory programmers


Electronics manufacturing:

  • Soldering and reworking tools for TH and SMT compoenents
  • Microscopes and stereo vision systems equipped with cameras
  • Leads pre-forming tools for many types of space qualified components
  • Crimping tools for many types of space qualified contacts and wires 


Mounting tools and equipment:

  • Laminar flow benches
  • Pneumatic dispenser for glue and paste
  • Equipment and materials for manufacturing of qualified soft space bags
  • Mechanical equipment and tools 
  • Under vacuum sealing system



Activities and Products


Kayser Italia is one of the companies leader in Europe for the development of electrical/electronics systems for aersopace research, and for the development of payloads and equipment for the International Space Station (ISS) and satellites.


The company has participated to 65 space missions with over 100 payloads, all completed with full scientific, technical, economic and programmatic success.


The staff is composed of 60 specialized engineers with experience in electronics, aeronautics, thermodynamics, physics, informatics, optics, molecular biology and biotecnology. The company acts as prime-contractor and sub-contractor in several programs of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Italian Space Agency (ASI).


The payload developed by Kayser Italia have been flown on the Russian capsules Bion, Foton, Progress and Soyuz, on the Space Shuttle (STS), on the Japanes HTV module, on the Chinese Shenzhou-8, on the European ATV module and on the ISS.


The Company is also active in the defence sector in activities like design, development and production of on-board avionics equipment. The last of the projects in which the company is involved consists of the design and production of External Liferaft System Avionics for NH90 helicopter, as a supplier of Airbus.


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Sector of activities

electronic equipment
for space platforms
satellite communications
small research satellites