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Prestel is nowadays national leader in electrical and avionic harnesses industrialization, engineering and manufacturing for civil and military aircrafts.

The philosophy guiding the Company is aimed to the highest Customer satisfaction through focusing on fundamental aspects as supplied products quality, on time delivery, flexibility and rapidity in answering to specific requirements, competitiveness of proposals.

In order to achieve an even higher structural, middle-long term competitiveness on the national and international market, Prestel Avio constantly upgrades its skills to face all market future challenges with a strongest solidity, competence and awareness.

Prestel Avio’s established Quality Management System conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and EN/AS/JISQ 9100:2009 standards.


Prestel is a qualified supplier to IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group), and its name appears among those entered in the specific database created by the world’s leading aeronautical companies.



Activities and Products


ENGINEERING & INDUSTRIALIZATION: Prestel Avio is able to produce its own technical documentation to be used in production as for example form-boards, work instructions, bills of materials, construction and installation manuals, automatic test programs and laser marking files. For these purpose our Technical Department is equipped with instruments as E3 electrical CAD by Zuken for electrical schemes, CATIA V5.


LASER MARKING AND CUTTING: this operation is performed using 2 alternative methods:

  • with laser technology – using 2 CAPRIS 50-300 machines by Spectrum Technologies
  • with thermo-retractable sleeves – cutting the cables manually and identifying them using laser or ink marked sleeves/tubes/plates


CRITICAL & SPECIAL PROCESSES: all processes considered critical or special by our Customers, as for example crimping and soldering, are carried out and controlled by specifically trained and qualified operators. Qualifications are periodically renewed. Production quality targets are monitored, managed and updated in order to grant the utmost level of performances and Customer’s satisfaction.


TEST: 100% of the wire harnesses is submitted to an automatic functional test carried out with DIT-MCO machines having up to 8.000 test points (expandable) available.

  • Insulation test up to 1500 VDC
  • Continuity test up to 28 Volts
  • Dielectric insulation test up to 1000 VAC
  • 4 wires test for continuity and high voltage
  • Measurable resistance: from 0,01 Ω to 1 GigaΩ with an accuracy of ±1% in continuity tests and ± 3% in insulation tests


INTERNAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Prestel Avio, in partnership with a specialized software house, developed and constantly refines an electronic system able both to produce, check and view the technical documentation, and monitor just-in-time each production phase through a specific and user-friendly interface. This fully integrated and computerized kind of Production Management minimizes human intervention and the consequent risk of relevant mistakes. Besides the system provides each operator to be equipped with a laptop to consult documentation and to handle work and control phases

TRAINING: when hired, each new operator is submitted to an introductory course concerning cables, wire harnesses and assembling issues (class activity). On-the-job training and further specific courses follow for at least 4 months. After passing the relevant exam, the operator will be qualified to carry out operations connected with critical or special processes. After the qualification, each operator is subject to regular audits to maintain his status.


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