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Rheinmetall Italia S.p.A. is a company of Rheinmetall Defence AG, Germany.


Founded in Rome as Contraves Italiana S.p.A. in 1952 for the manufacturing of Fire Control Systems for low level air defence, the Company acquired the name Oerlikon Contraves S.p.A. in 1993.

As a part of the Oerlikon Contraves Defence Group, in late 1999 it was acquired by Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Germany.

On August 2007 Oerlikon Contraves S.p.A. changed its name to Rheinmetall Italia S.p.A. (RhI).

During its activities RhI has acquired excellent engineering and system integration capabilities, in particular in electronics and radar technologies. In the Sixties RhI expanded its activities in the civil market and afterwards in the space segment.



Activities and Products




Main products/activity areas:

  • Integrated Fire Control Systems for ground-based short and very short range Air Defence (SHORAD / VSHORAD)
  • Electro-optical Fire Control Systems
  • Anti-aircraft Guns and Cannons for terrestrial and naval applications
  • Surface to air missile launchers
  • Tactical Simulators and Training systems
  • Military radars for ground and naval applications
  • Airport radar systems for the detection of FODs (Foreign Object Debris) and Runway Hazard Management
  • Signal generation and processing systems and technologies



Rheinmetall Italia S.p.A. (RhI) is an experienced supplier of defence systems, having been engaged for over 70 years in the field of Low Level Air Defence Systems.

In order to maintain its leading position in this market segment, Rheinmetall Italia is investing important resources to design and develop innovative solutions to meet the most stringent operational requirements.



The X-TAR (X-Band Tactical and Acquisition radar) is a family of 2D/3D radar systems with a very high detection probability capable of feeding the associated weapons with extremely accurate target data. The radar family consists of:

  • Oerlikon X-TAR2D radar, already known as SHORAR®, with detection range up to 30 km
  • Oerlikon X-TAR3D® radar with detection range up to 30 or 50 km
  • Oerlikon X-TAR3D® naval radar, with detection range of 80km

The above radar sensors can be integrated in the X-TCP, a family of light, highly mobile Tactical Command Posts, to alert control and co-ordinate AA guns and surface to air missiles.



Drawing on its experience and know-how, in the Eighties Rheinmetall Italia conceived and developed an innovative multi-layers air defence system, which integrates guns and missiles, maintaining a constantly high kill probability over the whole effective range of the single weapon.

The above mentioned concept was implemented for the first time in the Oerlikon Skyguard® 35mm/Missile system, currently in service in more than 35 countries, and now replaced by the new Oerlikon Skyshield 35 AHEAD® Air Defence system, effective against both traditional air threats (aircraft, helicopters) and the most advanced ones (UAV, UCAV, ARM and RAM).

Today Rheinmetall procuces a very innovative and modular system called Skynex®, based on our X-TAR3D Target and Acquisition Radar and related Command Post and connected to a number of our Revolver 35mm Air Defence guns. Each gun is equipped with a tracking radar, thus giving the capability to direct the gun to a single target and with an extreme accuracy and effectiveness.

In addition Rheinmetall has developed and produced a Command and Co-ordination Post to optimize the operations of a number of Air Defence batteries and capable of being integrated in the national air defence network. The system has been successfully delivered and is in service in a Middle-East country.



Rheinmetall is active in the naval market segment with the following systems/products:

  • The newly developed naval revolver gun, named Oerlikon Millennium Gun®, based on the OC 35/1000 Revolver Gun, already integrated into the Skyshield 35 AHEAD® Air Defence system, effective against air and surface targets (range 4000 m max) and capable of firing traditional and AHEAD ammunitions with a rate of firing up to 1000 rounds per minute.
  • Radars for the acquisition and tracking of air and surface targets, named Oerlikon Tracking Module TMX Mk2 and TMKu Mk2, operating in X and Ku band respectively, optimized to cue accurate target data to guns and control surface to air missiles, and currently in service with several Navies.
  • The Oerlikon 25mm KBA® automatic cannon, integrated in naval gun mounts in co-operation with other defence industries, is in service with several Navies.



The same 25mm KBA automatic cannon is operated as a close range weapon by mechanized troops. It is in service with NATO and other Armed Forces. This cannon allows extremely effective engagement of ground and air targets.

The 25mm KBA cannon has been integrated in the quadruple AA SIDAM 25 gun turret fitted in the M113 vehicle and in the TC25 turret installed on the VCC-80 DARDO and the armoured vehicle FRECCIA for the Italian Army.




RhI has developed DEBRA (DEBris RAdar) radar, high definition sensor which operates in the Millimetre frequency band (95 GHz) optimized for the detection of FOD (Foreign Object Debris) on airport runways and capable of surface traffic (aircraft, vehicles, people etc.) surveillance.
It can work as integration with other radar already in operation for the control of surface traffic and in network with other active / passive sensors.



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