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Share capital € 1.000.000 i.v.


Corporate Officers

Owner & CEO
Samanta REALE

Owner & Technical Director
Cesare REALE


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Via Venezia (snc)
20060 - Liscate - MI
Phone: +39 02 9587421
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For more than forty years Sami S.p.A. has been operating in the special electric cables market. Its experience originates from one of the first companies working in this particular field, the REALE & C., founded in the early post war period.


Establishing a partnership since 1990, with a company of the greatest importance in the world for the production of cross-linked cables, Sami reached the highest technological standard for the design and construction of miniaturized, flexible cables with optimized shield.


With the adoption of qualified design methods and careful selection of shields, components and interconnection techniques, Sami meets the strictest civilian and military requirements, also for special cables with particular problems in term of protection from electromagnetic interference.



Activities and Products


Sami has a good experience in the realization of cables with excellent resistance to abrasion, mechanical stress and with exceptional flexibility for heavy conditions and for underwater employment.


Sami is a specialist in solving problems concerning:

  • temperature
  • flexibility
  • miniaturization
  • weight
  • resistance to mechanical stress
  • elettromagnetic interferences
  • resistence to chemical agents, oil, moulds, moisture, UV



Our lines of production allow us the deployment of a huge variety of materials and both the in-line and in-laboratory control systems guarantee a consistently high quality.


The Quality Assurance has always been applied by SAMI, which since the beginning, has produced cables for the military market, having gained the certification in compliance with the NATO AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publications) rules.
Since 1991 SAMI is ISO 9001 certified and the efforts in pursuing the overall quality allowed our Company to be able to operate with the procedural approach of the 6 SIGMA Quality System.


The flexibility of our organization allows us to supply even limited amounts of our products, which is a frequent requirement in the field of special cables. With the help of an IT system specifically designed for our needs, we can match flexibility and efficiency to offer short delivery times and, most of all, reliable.


Experience and training are the core of our expertise, expressed by the Human Resources available in SAMI and deployed in the Departments of Research, Manufacture, Quality Control and the Technical-Commercial office in charge of the relationships with the customers and the market.
In this way we are able to anticipate technical solutions and to provide an excellent service to our customers to satisfy innovative requirements within complex applications.


Sami’ s technical and commercial staff is at your complete disposal to examine rapidly any need, for constructive and economical analysis of special cables in compliance with SAMI or Customers’ specification, national or international standards (CEI, IEC, ASTM, MIL, VDE, NF, BS etc.).



Sector of activities

cables and wires for wiring
fiber optic cables
interconnecting cables
cables and wires for wiring
fiber optic cables
power cables
interconnecting and control cables
power cables
thermocouple cables