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Francisco Abecasis Silverio MARQUES

Defence and Aerospace Commercial Director
Gianluca BOVE


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Simav is a company specialized in the design, implementation and subsequent management in Global Service services for complex structures in the sectors of Industry, Defense and Aerospace.

Born in 1987, in 2006 it became part of Siram Group, Energy Service Company leader in Italy for energy and multi technology services and direct subsidiary of Veolia Group in Italy, world leader in environmental services in energy, water and waste, with over 174,000 employees in 40 countries on 5 continents.

Today Simav is present throughout the country with 36 operating sites 5 administrative offices, a widespread distribution which provides better market coverage and of client companies needs.


The main value-added services offered are:


  • conduction and maintenance of production plants in industrial facilities
  • upgrading of production facilities
  • metrology services and testing & validation
  • operation and maintenance of complex systems such as civil airports, ports, airports and military bases
  • providing integrated systems for security and control of military infrastructures
  • construction and maintenance of technological systems "special" for airport infrastructures
  • maintenance of lifting and production systems for port shipbuilding.




Simav for the last thirty years has been working in the Industry field following its customers for the entire production cycle through an integrated logistics support.


In fact it stands as a privileged interlocutor in the advanced management and maintenance of technical plant services, the general and production plants at sites in which they develop high-tech products.


The company is a strategic partner to its customers providing all the know-how acquired in maintenance services. It is thus able to offer metrology services, in which it excels, multi-technology and facility management.


Support to Industrial Production


Simav deals with maintenance and operation of industrial plants and production support, through the integrated management of services to buildings, spaces and people, with the following actions:


  • Redevelopment Production Process
  • Implementation of the new layout of Production Lines
  • Re-engineering and Management of Plant Maintenance Production and Associated Facilities
  • Management of the Factory Logistics (raw materials and semi-finished products and spare parts)
  • Management of laboratories Metrological for calibration and repair of measuring instruments
  • Logistics Service to Product
  • Generali Plant Maintenance (both processes that asset)
  • Logistics on Infrastructure
  • Creation, management and optimization of plants for energy production and cogeneration.




The services for the Aerospace and Defense sector are characterized by extensive technical and wide geographical distribution activities and content can range from maintaining, and improving the efficiency of plants and military infrastructures (barracks, airports and military bases), with the logistic support integrated complex command and control systems, radar, telecommunications, vehicles and aircraft.


Simav today is able to propose to the customer through the plurality of services aimed at integrated solutions applicable to complex systems such as civil airports, infrastructure and military airports.


Among the maintenance services offering ranges from maintenance of GSE and AGE, through the calibration and repair of commercial equipment, technical assistance, specific services to airport facilities in Global Service optics, including multiservice technology and facility management services, with particular attention to the environmental management aspects.


Maintenance services to complex systems


Simav provides asset management services and maintenance of complex systems such as civil airports, airports and military bases abroad, with excellent expertise in metrology services and technical assistance, developing and customizing its offering in this area with:


  • Optimization of maintenance processes for airports airside and landside area, with the use of "predictive" methods and advanced cost effective technologies
  • Technical specialized peculiar activities, metrological support and test & validation activities
  • Maintenance systems and operations supporting systems to airports
  • Feasibility studies, statistical research, consultancy and engineering designs for military and intergovernmental agencies
  • Supply of integrated systems for the security and control of military infrastructure
  • Development of multi-technology applications and energy with a sustainable approach.



Activities and Products


Metrology Services


The metrological services, both at its own laboratories at the customer facilities, ensure that the equipment complies with the metrological requirements of the customer for their specific processes (Metrological Confirmation).


The management and optimization of measurement processes for tools and equipment is handled through engineering services, training, support and advice:


  • Accredited certification as part of the National System of measurement, for the electrical and mechanical quantities
  • Overall management of the assets of clients metrological
  • Calibration of tools and measuring and testing systems
  • Maintenance and repair equipment and tools
  • Consulting and engineering applications of the measure
  • Training courses on calibration and its applications
  • Design, implementation, validation and testing of test equipment - Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE), Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Ground Test Equipment (GTE), Special Type Test Equipment (STTE).


Simav has 10 metrological laboratories throughout the country and is the only company in Italy to have three centers LAT (Accredited Calibration Laboratories), operating in accordance with the EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) and the services of other countries, which it has signed bilateral mutual recognition agreements. In addition, Simav develops training activities of test and measurement systems.


Specialized services of technical assistance for Aerospace and Defense


Simav offers technical assistance activities for the entire product life cycle (Life Cycle) through projects of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) including installation, maintenance, integration and testing & validation of complex systems such as:


  • Radar
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Integrated security systems
  • Power Generation systems
  • Air navigation systems
  • Airport ground handling service systems.


Multi-Technology systems


For the industrial sector, Simav provides design, construction or upgrading and aftercare of:


  • Air conditioning systems (heating and cooling plants)
  • Electrical systems
  • Mechanical plants
  • Air treatment for special environments (White Room)
  • Cogeneration
  • Power plants from renewable sources
  • Telecommunications equipment (fixed networks, radio networks and networking)
  • Special systems for physical security (intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, etc.).


Facility Management


Simav provides integrated services aimed at the management and maintenance of properties and fixed infrastructure as well as the approach to business support service:

  • Call Center and Help Desk
  • Reception and security activities
  • Car fleets and mobile phones management
  • Document management and archives
  • Building maintenance
  • Space planning and layout management
  • Warehouse management for finished products and spare parts
  • Assessment and prevention of business risks relating to health, safety and environment
  • Training and consulting.


Environmental Management


Given the extensive experience and expertise in integrated logistics and environmental capacities of the group to which it belongs Simav offers itself as system integrator of all the "green" initiatives to improve environmental performance and provides the experience and technological tools for energy optimization through:


  • Energy Efficiency Services
  • Optimization of the cycle of water and waste
  • Energy audit / environmental
  • Energy certification of buildings
  • Development of feasibility studies through technical and economic analyzes
  • Achievement of optimal interventions in relation to energy needs, even with use of renewable sources
  • Verification of compliance of the systems with respect to legislation and regulations
  • Organization of training / information activities in the energy saving sector.


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