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STAR Engineering S.r.l.

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Corporate Officers

Filippo FOGLIA

Contact person for Industrial Relations


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Via Castellotti, 31
41053 - Maranello - MO
Phone: +39 0536 931596
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STAR Engineering combines the competencies of product and process engineering with creativity and a high level of CGI and VFX technical solutions.


The company was founded in 2012 under STAR Italia through the commitment of a group of engineers specialized in authoring documents for the automotive sector. It evolved into the division specialized in project engineering.


The STAR Group company is also able to offer solutions in the areas of specialized language services and technical authoring - including for the defense sector - printing and multi-channel document publishing.


It employs 25 staff members directly and has access to a network of over 900 specialists distributed throughout the operating companies of the Group, which has 50 offices in 30 countries.


Concreteness and passion make STAR Engineering a reliable and dynamic partner for any design, authoring and documentation needs.



UNI ISO 9001:2008
UNI EN 15038:2006
UN ISO 14001:2004
Chain of custody FSC



Activities and Products



STAR Engineering operates on the market in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • Consumer Goods
  • Plants
  • Defense
  • Transportation


STAR Engineering supports customers in the stages of product planning and commercial launch and works with the after-sales supply chain, making it an ideal partner for the following activities:




Product and Process Engineering

  • Product analysis and product breakdown structure
  • Observations and recommendations for product modifications
  • Building of assembly macrocycles on the entire line of body-in-white and assembly processes
  • Equipment delineation (type, quantity, reference numbers, locking devices)
  • Method (univocal spatial referencing system for components and equipment)
  • Control plan definition
  • CAD simulation for product manufacturability and authoring fault data sheets
  • Creating assembly diagrams
  • Preliminary cycle-time analysis of the workforce and workstations
  • Testing and Assessment of alternative process solutions with an eye to reducing man hours and lead times
  • Ergonomic testing of workstations
  • Virtual testing / simulations
  • Production process standardization
  • Drafting, Testing and Approval of Assembly Cycles
  • FMEA
  • Technical assistance from the project planning stage to when mass-production begins



  • Quality perceived by the customer
  • Aesthetic/functional assessment of the vehicle and the single components during the product development stage
  • Analysis and diagnosis of electrical systems and electronics


Production Launches

  • Customer support in training staff members and managing the critical paths of the product, process and technologies


Concept Design

  • Market analysis
  • Technical support for the style center through cutting-edge CGI/VFX tools


Additive Manufacturing

  • Design and production through the 3D printing of templates for geometric controls

Technical Support (help-desk)

  • Technical specifications
  • On-line technical documentation
  • Time schedules
  • Assistance procedures
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Diagnostic Manuals
  • Use and Maintenance Manuals
  • Service Manuals
  • Diagnostic Trees, Development of production and assembly cycles
  • Management of anomalies in the customer's dealer network


Customer Care tailored to Customers

  • Commercial services
  • Product assistance
  • Contacts
  • Data Management
  • Multilingual support and assistance


Data Analysis

  • Analytic and statistical study of data collected through the numerous communication channels
  • The tools, methodologies and formats adopted in elaborating data are defined expressly for each customer
  • Reports and performance indexes to support Management



  • Training programs designed and executed around the specific needs of the customer
  • Authoring of training documents
  • Development of training supports (CBT)
  • Introductory course dedicated to personnel qualified to handle diagnostics and product repairs (basic program)
  • Masterclass for earning expert qualification and certification (advanced course)
  • Web-oriented viewers for technical documentation
  • Stand-alone viewers of technical documentation
  • Interactive catalogs


Virtual Training/Virtual Maintenance

  • Personalization of virtual CAD-based platforms
  • Technical documentation integration for material typical of maintenance and/or training in the interactive environment
  • Assembly and disassembly simulations for the main components
  • User-friendly interactive simulation for quick and effective training


  • Rendering
  • Car Configurator
  • Videos with realistic photos originating from the customer's CAD or created ex-novo



  • Virtual Reality for Manufacturing and Training
  • Development of innovative systems for intelligent manufacturing in collaboration with multi-national Car Makers



Translation and Interpreting/Language Services

  • Technical translations
  • Specialized translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Corporate translations
  • Know-how on Simplified Technical English

Technical Publishing/Authoring Services

  • Technical Manuals and Technical Documentation (Use, Maintenance, Repairs)
  • Spare part catalogs
  • Interactive technical publications (IETM, IETP)
  • Maintenance plans


Technical Services

  • DeskTop Publishing - DTP
  • Technical Graphic Design



  • Digital Printing - B/W, Color
  • Offset Printing
  • Finishing processes


Proprietary software pertaining to the translation workflow

  • STAR Transit STAR's Computer-Assisted Translation System
  • STAR CLM Corporate Language Management
  • Term STAR STAR's Terminology Management System
  • STAR WebCheck STAR's web portal for translation proofreading and revising
  • STAR WebTerm STAR's personalized on-line terminology database

Proprietary software pertaining to document management

  • STAR GRIPS STAR's Technical Information Management system
  • STAR 4DQUERY STAR's web system for selecting information research criteria in an interactive manner
  • STAR Format Checker STAR's system for verifying the quality of the documents
  • STAR MindReader STAR's tool for the reuse of document formulations and for multilingual document integration
  • STAR SDM STAR's workflow system for the integrated management of production cycles



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