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T.C.S. GROUP S.r.l.

Share capital € 12.000,00

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Corporate Officers

President & Sales Manager
Emanuele TODINI

Managing Director & Financial Manager
Federico ZANARDI


Managing and Production facility
Via Cottolengo, 34
10070 - Mappano di Caselle - TO
Phone: +39 011 9221855





T.C.S. Group Srl, founded in 1989, is a company specialised in high precision machining for the aerospace industry.


It is located in the industrial area in the North-West side of Turin and it is just a short distance away from the International Airport of Turin Caselle.


T.C.S. Group’s production takes place within an industrial complex that covers over 10000 square meters, of which 3000 are covered: the plant includes a production area, a warehouse, assembly rooms, a research and development area, and a testing room.


T.C.S. Group R&D department is equipped with sophisticated CAM and CAD systems (CATIA and others) available to our customers for engineering and planning projects.


The whole company is connected through a computer net that allows a real time control of every batch in production.



Activities and Products


T.C.S. Group Production department has a long experience in machining a wide range of metals and alloys, such as aluminium, titanium, inconel, rene 41, magnesium and heat resistant alloys; diamteres from 7mm up to 700mm, and lenghts up to one meter can be machined, with a margin of error down to 5 microns.

The following parts have been usuallly machined by T.C.S. Group:

  • hydraulic parts

  • oil nozzles

  • cardan assy

  • housings

  • small gearboxes

  • Quality Clinic System.


T.C.S. Group is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN 9100:2009 certified.

T.C.S. Group is authorized to work on classified projects.



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Sector of activities

engine equipment