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Technosprings Italia was born in 1985 from the long term experience of his founder, Mr. Romano Gualandris, who has always been a promoter of business development.


Throughout the years, the company has seen its activity and its productive spaces grow steadily and today its wide and modern seat can fully satisfy the various requirements of its customers.


Technosprings plans and produces quality springs, as well as metallic components for every kind of application, distinguishing it self for the technical/planning and manufacturing complexity of its particular products, also in excellence fields, of which the aerospace, defence, biomedical and automotive ones are the emblem.


The firm has always distinguished itself for its ability to meet its customers’ needs, diversifying its production in a flexible and professional way, and accompanying, when it could be necessary, its customers in the study and in the planning of the most congenial spring or component for them.


High technology and last generation machineries and equipments allow us the constant respect of elevated quality standards, as well as quick and certain operating times.


The control of the productive process takes place with laboratory tests, carried out by appropriate measure and check instruments, especially conceived to guarantee the absolute conformity of the product to the specific applications.


Supported by its productive experience and encouraged by international level recognitions, the firm sees its future in the search applied to the development of new products and materials, in order to reach more effective and economically favourable solutions.


Organization and certification in according to AS/EN 9100 and ISO 13485: " Accredited NADCAP for thermal treatments".


Our production in wire: wire diameter from 0,06 mm to 20 mm; cold working.



Activities and Products




"Flexibility is our own Dna" is more than just a slogan.


It’s the way we operate and it sets us apart from all others.


Technosprings designs and produces prototypes, and manufactures smart devices and elastic elements, using shape memory alloys.

Developing new products as part of our search for cost-saving or more effi cacious solutions often leads to the development of new materials or new processes for optimizing the properties of already existing materials.

Shape memory alloys are an innovative class of materials, the properties of which are unique.


One such property is shape recovery quite simply by heating (shape memory effect).


Another is the ability to undergo considerable deformation in the absence of yield (superelasticity).


Technosprings, having created a knowledge base concerning the functional properties of shape memory alloys, has gained considerable experience in recent years in the fi elds of cold processing and optimization of the end-product properties of manufactured devices, thereby providing customers with solutions which can be integrated into their own products.


Our corporate production facilities and processes have always reflected our ability to combine high quality standards with mass production when processing traditional materials. These capacities have been seamlessly integrated into production processes for shape memory elements, to ensure reproducibility and reliability of functional properties.

Shape memory alloys elastic elements, are largely used in different industrial fields, particularly in Aerospace and defence sector.



Sector of activities

for aerospace applications propulsion systems
for ground vehicles
for turbine engines
for vessels