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NATO Industrial Advisory Group



                                                       Honorary Chairman                           Raffaele ESPOSITO

                                                       Chairman                                         John JANSEN

                                                       Vice Chairman                                 Rudy PRIEM

                                                       Coordinator                                      Liviu LAZAR (IS/DI)

                                                       Secretary                                         Nathalie VAN DONGHEN  (IS/DI)






The NATO Industrial Advisory Group is a high level consultative and advisory body of senior industrialists of NATO member countries, acting under the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD), with the aims of:


  • providing a forum for free exchange of views on industrial, technical, economic, management and other relevant aspects of research, development and production of armaments equipments within the Alliance; based on current and updated information provided by relevant NATO bodies

  • providing industry's advice to the CNAD, and other NATO Bodies as appropriate, on how to foster government-to-industry and industry-to-industry armaments co-operation within the Alliance

  • providing optimal use of NIAG resources to assist the Main Armaments Groups (MAGs) and their subordinate bodies, and other NATO bodies as appropriate, in exploring opportunities for international collaboration, and seeking timely and efficient ways to satisfy NATO military capability requirements.




Organised in Delegations appointed by nations

Head of Delegations - Senior Industrialist of Officials - Delegations - up to 4 may attend plenary meetings


Plenary Meetings

3 per year - February, May/June, October


Advisory Study Activities

  • "Exploratory Group" meetings at which volunteer experts examine study requirement

  • Study Sub-Group established with volunteer Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Rapporteur

  • Studies normally one year duration, order of 5 meetings

  • Contributory Funding for studies from NATO




For NATO Nations and the Alliance

  • Access to industrial "know-how" - strategic, markets, technology

  • Written advisory reports to support NATO capability development activities - order of 10 per year


For Industry

  • Working together with NATO and with nations

  • Understanding current and future NATO capability needs

  • Influencing system requirements development

  • Networking with experts in Alliance governments and industries



NIAG Exploratory Group Briefing    (728 Kb)    


                    NIAG in NATO's Defence Systems Community(57 Kb)                





NATO Defence Investment Division, NATO Headquarters

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